ilo nanpa lili

ilo nanpa lili is a simplified version of ilo nanpa that you could build on your own!

Getting ilo nanpa lili

Current Distribution Progress

Number of Kits in Stock


In case you wish to purchase the components on your own, you can refer to this BOM of ilo nanpa lili.

Assembly Instruction

Assembly Instruction is available here: User manual of ilo nanpa lili.


Can I order a kit if I haven't expressed interest by the end of August 2021?

You can make an order if there's any remaining stock. If you want one, you're recommended to express interest by the end of August 2021.

How will it be packed?

The tiny components will be put into a tiny zip bag. The bag will be wrapped by bubble wrap. The bubble wrap and other larger components would be put inside an envelope.

How will it be shipped?

It'll be shipped via "International Air Mail" of "Hong Kong Post".
Due to COVID, there may delay on delivery. Usually the packet should get delivered within a month after dispatchment.

Why are you selling the kits at cost price?

Why not? If it's one-off, I guess it'd be fun to pack the kits for fellow toki pona speakers.
By selling it dirt cheap, it'd make it easy for people to gift this item to other toki pona speakers as well.

Are ilo nanpa lili sold preassembled?

No. We only sell kits.

Can I make an order after the stock has run out?

You can contact me about that. I may be able to make special arrangement for you depending on your situation.

o kama jo e ilo nanpa lili!

tenpo ni la seme li lon?

tenpo ni la jan Sate li jo e ilo nanpa lili pi mute seme?

lipu pi ilo lili "BOM"

sina ken esun e ilo lili kepeken lipu pi ilo lili "BOM" ni: lipu pi ilo lili "BOM" pi ilo nanpa lili (toki Inli taso).

lipu sona pi nasin pali

sina ken kama sona e nasin pali pi ilo nanpa lili kepeken lipu ni: lipu sona pi nasin pali pi ilo nanpa lili.

sitelen tawa pi nasin pali

kepeken ilo Jutu la sina ken lukin e sitelen tawa pi nasin pali. taso toki Inli mute li lon sitelen tawa ni: suno pi toki pona 2021 - o pali e ilo nanpa lili!

wile sona

tenpo August 2021 la mi toki ala tawa sina. tenpo ni la mi ken ala ken esun e ilo nanpa lili tan sina?

ilo nana lili namako li lon la sina ken esun e ona.

sina poki e ilo nanpa lili kepeken nasin seme?

ilo lili li insa poki lili. poki lili li insa lipu pi kon mute. lipu pi kon mute en ilo suli ante li insa poki suli. mi wile pana e poki suli tawa sina.

ilo nanpa lili li wile tawa tomo mi kepeken nasin seme?

ona li wile tawa tomi sina kepeken nasin "International Air Mail" pi esun "Hong Kong Post".
jaki Kolona li lon. sina o awen pona. mi pilin e ni: mi pana e ona tawa esun "Hong Kong Post" la sina ken kama jo e ona lon tenpo mun wan kama.

tan seme la mi ken esun e ona kepeken mani lili?

ni li musi tawa mi. ona li mani lili la sina ken esun e ona li pana e ona tawa jan pona sina.

mi esun e ilo nanpa lili la mi kama jo e seme?

sina kama jo e ijo. kepeken ijo ni la sina ken pali e ilo nanpa lili.
mi wile ala pali e ilo nanpa lili tawa sina. sina wile pali e ona kepeken luka sina.

tenpo ni la jan Sate li pini esun e ilo nanpa lili. taso mi wile e ona. mi ken ala ken esun e ona?

o toki tawa mi. ken la sina ken esun e ona.